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I like to read books. Coffee is my thing, art is what I like, and flowers are my favorite.

If I cut you off, chances are, you handed me the scissors. - (via elauxe)

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Art is to console those who are broken by life. - Vincent Van Gogh (via candyshroom)

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Hello world. I’m ready to concur my bio midterm.
Motivation, Are you there?

Dear mother facking funk, please go. I can’t seem to get a grip on my life at the moment. I just want to sleep and sleep some more. Everything in the moment seems sublime, generally I’m freaking out because of school but I just don’t care. BUT I NEED TO CARE. BUT I DON’T. Emotions get it together, these next three weeks are not to be trifled with. ugh, I just want to be left alone. I just want the world to stop for maybe a week until I can shake this funk off and go back to my normal self.

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